Péter Korniss

1937 Born in Kolozsvár, (Cluj, Transylvania, Romania)
1949 His family moves to Budapest
1955 Studies law at the ELTE University, Budapest
1956 Expelled from university for political reasons
1956 - 1958 Takes on various jobs as unskilled labourer
1958 - 1961 Works as unskilled labourer at the Budapest Photo Cooperative
1961 Passed examination in photography
1961 - 1991 Photojournalist on the staff of the popular women's weekly Nők Lapja, later becoming picture editor.
1962 Begins folkdance photography with the Bihari Dance Group
1967 First trip in Transylvania, where he returns over the next decades to record the disappearing traditional peasant life and culture.
1974 First exhibition in the Kunsthalle (Műcsarnok), Budapest
1974 Publishes his first album "Heaven's Bridegroom - Hungarian Folk Customs"
1974 Awarded the national Balázs Béla Prize
1975 Starts working for the Honvéd Ensemble. He has been taking photos for the Honvéd Dance Theatre ever since.
1977 Member of the international jury of World Press Photo exhibition(Amsterdam) for three years
1981 Photographer for the International Danstheater (Amsterdam), a work he continues until 2000.
1983 Member of the International Advisory Committee of the W. Eugene Smith Grant (USA)
1983 Selected for "Artist of Merit" award
1984 Member of the International Advisory Board of the World Press Photo Foundation (Amsterdam)
1988 Publishes photo album "The Guest Worker" - on the life of a commuting labourer he photographed over a ten year period. These pictures were also exhibited in the Kunsthalle (Műcsarnok), Budapest
1991 - 1999 Picture editor of theatre magazine Színház
1995 Awarded the "pro Hungarian Art" prize
1996 Awarded with the Cross of the Order of Hungarian Republic
1998 Selection of thirty years of pictures taken in Transylvania exhibited in the Kunsthalle (Műcsarnok), Budapest. Also published, under the title "Inventory - Transylvanian Pictures 1967-1988)"
1999 Awarded the national Kossuth Prize
2004 Awarded the Pulitzer Memorial Prize
2004 Awarded the Prima Primissima, Prima - Prize
2010 Awarded the Hungarian Heritage Prize
2012 Exhibition of 45 year work in the Várfok Gallery, Budapest
2012 Becomes member of the artist group of Várfok Gallery
2013 Awarded with the Kölcsey Memorial Medal
2014 Awarded the Artist of the Nation
  Awarded for his oeuvre by Czech Press Photo in Prague
2018 Awarded the Prima Primissima Prize
2022 Awarded for his ouvre by the Hungarian Academy of Arts